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GENKI TUNA -- 7oz. tuna filet lightly seasoned and seared, topped with sriracha and Japanese mayonnaise, served with a side of ponzu sauce
SPICY HAWAIIAN - Spicy tuna and mango, topped with escolar, avocado, jalapeño,
and masago

REID - Spicy chopped salmon wrapped in lettuce, topped with seared
Angus filet, avocado, and a spicy garlic sauce

SNAPPING SAMURAI - Shrimp tempura, cucumber, and avocado, topped with red snapper, sliced cherry tomato, jalapeño, and ginger vinaigrette
VIRGINIA HIGHLAND - Pineapple, cucumber, and avocado, topped with tuna and
ahi poki marinade
SUPER CRUNCH - Salmon, avocado, and cream cheese, tempura fried and topped
with spicy mayo and sweet soy sauce

I ♥ SUSHI - Shrimp tempura and cream cheese, topped with tuna, avocado,
sweet and spicy chili sauce, and wasabi cream

POKERFACE - Ahi poki, cucumber, and avocado, topped with escolar, black and
red tobiko, and wasabi cream
STEAMED LOBSTER - Steamed lobster tail, spinach, carrots, and cucumber, rolled
in tobiko and masago, and served over fried udon noodles with sweet soy sauce, spicy mayo, and honey mustard
RAINBOW - Imitation crab and avocado, topped with tuna, salmon, and yellowtail
HIMALAYAN - Tempura fried shrimp and asparagus with avocado, topped with
snow crab salad, sweet soy sauce, and sriracha chili sauce
DYNAMITE - Chopped tuna, salmon, and yellowtail, with cucumber, tomato, and scallions, topped with a sweet and spicy chili sauce
DRUNKEN EEL - Grilled freshwater eel, avocado, cucumber, imitation crab, and
shrimp, topped with sweet soy sauce
OLYMPIC - Fresh salmon and tuna, tempura fried and served with spicy

DRAGON - Cucumber and imitation crab, topped with salmon, avocado, and


FLORIDA - Cucumber and avocado, topped with tuna and yellowtail

SPIDERMAN - Tempura fried soft shell crab, scallions, cream cheese, and
avocado, served with wasabi cream sauce and a net of sriracha chili sauce





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